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Facets of the Diamond

     At the present day, there is much uncertainty as to what The Sect is or means.  Some call it a religion, others, merely a belief.  Some say its fundamental dogma is monotheism, others add immortality of the soul or even resurrection of the mind; some consider it Daedra worship; while still others aver that, fundamentally, it has no religious doctrine at all.

     Many think of it almost as a temperance society or one of pharisaic morality (meaning excessively or hypocritically pious); others as a patriotic society.  Not a few regard it as a charitable or benevolent institution, and in at least, expect it to strengthen them in times of need.

     Some look upon the lodge as a holy place; others merely a private location where ceremonies may be performed in secrecy.  Some never tire of the ritual and have mastered it so thoroughly that the least slip of a word or phrase gives pain; others soon are entrenched in a perpetual state of fear and paranoia from it.

     Many take the ritual literally; others symbolically; while a few, with no thought about it either way, perfect themselves in its rendition to gain the prestige which comes from passing through the chairs.  Some see all sorts of meanings in the symbols; others see only the symbols themselves.

     Some become immersed in the history of the Fraternity; others in its philosophy of life; and a few work of it a fine and exalting spirituality.  Some sense a strong bond of brotherhood; others find only a social club or place to meet for diversion; some merely scent the aroma of a dinner; while some find themselves lost in the dark abyss.

Surely, if The Sect is a jewel, it is a diamond with many facets.