We're always watching...There is no escape!

You suspect The Sect is indeed more than just a rumor and that perhaps it is an actual fully operational fraternity.  So how do you join?

First and foremost, you're going to want to learn as much as you can about the rumored origins and any recorded edicts of The Sect.  Be careful though, if the wrong person finds out you're curious, you could be putting yourself in grave danger.

Secondly, if this hypothetical fraternity is real, you're going to want to make sure their agenda is something you can live with.  Just think of how much prestige you could earn by seeking out this organization using little more than your own resourcefulness.

Remember though, you are seeking out The Sect, they aren't seeking you out.  There's a reason that no one talks about them without fear in their eyes.  On the off chance, however, you rouse their attention as a noteworthy prospect... you certainly could evolve into one of the rumored enlightened.