Member Registration

Thank you for your interest in The Sect.  Our member registration is a unique process, and redirects are intended for certain responses.  Please be aware that we look forward bringing in new members to our community, but the application process is not always a guarantee that someone will be admitted. 

We only consider individuals based on their independant application, and while we encourage friends and family to play together we do not offer joint applications.  However, you can rest assured that the Guild Leader will contact you within the first 48 hours of your submission.

Before you proceed with the Member Registration, we do ask that you read the following informational pages and their associated documents:

NOTE: To avoid lengthy out of character interviews, you will be introduced to a series of informative pages that act as our pre-screening process.  Once you've reached the final phase of the out of character pre-screening, the in-character introduction phase will follow.  Once both the out of character and in character phases are complete you will be afforded the opportunity to submit your application for review.

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