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Historical Relic

The origins of The Sect are obscure.  The earliest archaeological find rumored to be associated with the Fraterntiy dates as far back as the late Merethic Era.  Conspiracy theorists identify The Sect as having been established roughly around ME 1000, during the earliest known human settlements in High Rock, Hammerfell and Cyrodiil.

Many theories commonly link serpents and mazes to The Sect, as the Fraternity is thought to consist of the most treacherous sort, secretly utilizing the most complex strategies to exploit positions of trust to benefit their own agenda at various ranks of society.  While others correlate the raven and the dove as Fraternity's primary creatures of symbolism.  Maintaining that the agenda of The Sect is one of balance amidst society's stations and that decisions define the (wo)man, however even the purest intentions can be devoured by darkness.  The most common conspiracy theory is that The Sect is an emerging clandestine totalitarian world government, or secretive power elite with a globalist agenda, otherwise known as the New World Order.

Despite the variety of conspiracy theories about The Sect, on terms of religion and worship all appear to be similar.  The only Divine known to have been mentioned in the same context of the Fraternity is Zenithar, and that was a very rare moment.  However, Vaermina is frequently referenced, though so are Clavicus Vile, Sheogorath, Sanguine, Mephala, Boethiah, Hermaeus Mora, Namira, Nocturnal, Mehrunes Dagon, Malacath, and even Molag Bal in some rare form or another.

Ultimately, if The Sect is indeed real, through all of the rumored information one would discern that they hold fast to their concealment, have a unique code of honor, their agenda is as diverse as their members, and are extremely dangerous both as friend or foe. 

They say each member is bound to The Sect by a death pledge, in that the only way in is to individually seek admittance to the Fraternity, and the only way out is death.  Though this theory can neither be confirmed nor denied, as anyone who has ever attempted to expose them has never been heard from again.