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Prestige System

The Sect utilizes a unique point system to record each member's activity and attendance.  The Prestige System is used in a variety of ways, such as consideration for promotions, specialized missions, most in-character spell and/or artifact research, luck gains, as well as acting as a sponsor for another player's advancement or petitioning for their demotion.  These points, in conjunction with in-character interactions, are what The Sect uses to measure a member's prestige.

Each rank has a set amount of Prestige a player can earn, a limit to what they can spend it on, and a cap that will prevent them from earning more at which time they must petition to increase their rank.  The higher the rank, obviously, the more options that are available.  The system is designed to not only encourage activity, but also give our members a bit of freedom to decide which path they want to follow.  Keeping in mind that, once an opportunity arises, most are limited in their availability and may have unique rewards only discovered by the member(s) who took advantage of the situation.

Just as you can earn Prestige, however, you can also lose it. Just as you can gain ranks, you can lose rank.  The Sect's Prestige System has an automatic decay, and prestige can also be lost as a reprimand or consequence for actions or affiliations in character.  Below are just some examples of how you can earn (by completing or attending certain tasks or events) or lose prestige (failing to attend or complete certain tasks or events) within The Sect, keeping in mind that there are occasions where additional bonuses or fines can happen:

Prestige GainsPrestige Losses

Your Prestige Total